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Beginning this year, your child will only receive one grade on his or her gradecard for Reading, Language, and Spelling.  They will be combined into one subject:  Language Arts.


We are also implementing Standards Based Gradecards that will look differently than what you are used to.  Instead of seeing letter grades of A, B, C, D, and F you will be seeing the letters E, M, P, and L.


Achievement Levels Proficiency Levels Descriptors
E= Consistently demonstrates exceptional mastery and higher level thinking of grade level concepts and skills. A student earning an "E" independently uses and applies knowledge in ways that consistently demonstrate higher level of thinking skills. The student demonstrates exceptional mastery of grade level indicators.
M=Consistently meets and applies grade level concepts and skills independently. A student earning an "M" demonstrates expected understanding of grade level skills and concepts and requires minimal support.
P= Progressing toward expected understanding of grade level concepts and skills with assistance. A student earning a "P" has not yet met the standard, but is progressing toward achieving skills and learning grade level concepts.
L=Shows limited/inconsistent application of grade level concepts. A student earning an "L" is currently not meeting the grade level standards.  The student demonstrates an inconsistent understanding and application of knowledge.



I have linked an article that helps to explain what Standards Based Gradecards are.  Go to the my links section below to read the article.

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