9-2-21: Updated ODH Quarantine/Mask Guidance

  1. The Governor’s office and the Ohio Department of Education this week released clarification for quarantine procedures implemented in schools throughout the state.  Local health departments will now be expected to issue orders of quarantine for all persons determined to be a “direct contact” to a positive “case.”  When an order of quarantine is issued the school is legally required to enforce the order under Ohio Revised Code 3707.16.  Beginning immediately, any student determined to be a “direct contact” WILL be quarantined and not permitted to attend in-person school or any school activities for the duration of the quarantine period.

  2. The position of Elgin Local Schools currently remains that parents have the authority to make decisions for your student(s) as to whether or not he/she will wear a mask throughout the school day.  It is important to understand, however, that no student who is correctly wearing a face mask or is fully vaccinated at the time of exposure will be required to quarantine.  The Ohio Department of Health STRONGLY recommends that all people 12-yrs-old and above get vaccinated and STRONGLY recommends that all people, regardless of age, wear a mask in indoor settings, including school.  Our goal will always be to keep students as safe and healthy as possible AND to keep students in school as much as possible.


To summarize these two points:  the ONLY way to avoid potential quarantine from school (and ALL other school activities) is to be vaccinated and/or to wear a mask.


Finally, we are continuing to utilize the COVID Dashboard established during the 2020-2021 school year, accessible at elginschools.org in the “Quick Links” section on the left side of the main district page.  This page is updated at the beginning of each school week.  Additionally, parents will be notified through the School Messenger system when there are positive cases in your students’ class and/or school building.  As positive cases are reported to the school and are subsequently communicated to the district, it is important to remember that last year students were in the hybrid learning environment for almost 75% of the year and were wearing masks for the entire school year.  There is not enough information at this time to reasonably predict how much our positive case counts will be impacted by all students attending together and masks being a strong recommendation as opposed to a requirement. 


K-12 Quarantine Guidelines 8-31-21

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