LPDC Resources

Last Updated: 8/10/2021 5:33 PM

LPDC Members

Chad Cunningham

Ashley Auld

Teresa Swartz

Jane Furniss


IPDP Information:

IPDP Plan/Goal Sheet is due by October 30th to the LPDC for new teachers and those who renewed their license this calendar year.


IPDP Plan/Goal Sheet - Google Doc- make a copy to complete

IPDP Plan/Goal Sheet - Must download and open in Preview or Adobe to fill in on the computer to be able to save. 

Teacher Standards - Reference for IPDP

Sample IPDP - provided by ODE


Elgin Faculty License and Fingerprint Information:

LPDC Staff List


Elgin LPDC Forms:

Pre-Approval Form for all PD activities including college coursework

Tutition Reimbursement Request Form

Activity Log for Verification of Pre-Approved Activity

Contact Hour Conversion Chart

Professional Development Activity Chart

License Renewal Checklist

Tuition Reimbursement Checklist

Verification Form for Consistently High Performing Teachers

Usual Information from ODE for license renewal:


FAQ regarding LPDC’s, IPDP’s, and Licensure


Information for background check:


Contact Information

Elgin Local Schools
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Marion, OH 43302

Phone:  740.382.1101  
Fax: 740.382.1672