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Elgin Local Schools Cafeteria uses PaySchools Central  — a secure online payment system for student meals.  You can now pay online for lunches by credit card or electronic check a small fee is charged to use this service.

Parents also are able to view their child’s lunch account balance and see what they are actually purchasing. You will need your child’s lunch number to set up their account. If your child does not remember his/her number, please call (740)223-4300 ext 6000.  No more lost money or wondering what is on their account. 

The signup process takes less than 10 minutes to do.  To sign up,

For additional questions, please contact Teresa Vermillion, district food service manager, at (740) 223-4300 ext 6000 or email at

Free and Reduced Electronic Application

You are encouraged to complete an online application instead of a paper application if you are able. The online application has the same requirements and will ask you for the same information as the paper application. Visit to complete the form online.
Free and Reduced Form Online User Guide

BREAKFAST IS FREE TO ALL STUDENTS Hot & Cold Choices Daily, all served with Fresh fruit & choice of milk.

Elementary Lunch cost $2.25  reduced 40 cents  extra milk or alone 40 cents   Adult Lunch $3.50

It is asked that students do not charge, if they need to charge the following will be followed.  The cafeteria will allow up to 10 days of meal charges, there is no charging or buying of extras if a student owes, only a meal may be charged.  If no payment is made and the student has met their max on their acount an alternate lunch will be given to the student.  Charges will stay on a students account from year to year.  If that student is a Senior the charges must be paid before they can graduate.  Payments can be made 24 hrs a day on the above

This institution is an equal opportunity provider.


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