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Greetings Elgin Comets! We are past our halfway point for this school year, and Elgin Elementary is cruising ahead to the spring with great thoughts of success!


Elgin Elementary recently received some great news about being recognized as a School of Promise by the Ohio Department of Education.  What does this mean? It means our school is working really hard to meet the needs of our students, and provide academic and social opportunities for all of our children.  Well, we at EES already knew that, but it is a great news to hear that from an outside source!!


Our fall focused on working in our classrooms as well as several extracurricular activities in which Comets excelled.  Our youth football team made it all the way to its championship game, and our youth cross country team ran in several local meets.  What a great way to showcase our students as leaders!


Class DOJO has been a really useful tool for teachers (and myself!!) to communicate with parents about what is going on in our school.  All of our classrooms use DOJO as a way to share out news about what is going on in the classroom, and I use it to share out school news about upcoming events.


We are nearing testing season!!! For our 3rd, 4th and 5th graders, this means AIR Tests through the state of Ohio in Reading, Math, and for 5th grade only, Science! We are testing in March through April, so please check with your child’s teacher before scheduling appointments or absences.


For i-Ready, our students are working diligently on their Reading and Math lessons, and are making some great progress! Ask your child about where he or she is at in terms of “How Many Lessons Have You Done?”  The students earn rewards for passing 10, 25 and 50 lessons, which includes a picture up on one of our bulletin boards, a certificate signed by me, and a small prize. When the students reach 100 lessons, they will be part of a special field trip in May to Zoombezi Bay with Mrs. Sterling!!!  i-Ready is something that students can work on at home as well, including on their own chromebooks if they bring them home, or on your computer or device. We have a link on our web page -- click on Schools, choose Elementary School, and then scroll down the left hand side and click on “i-Ready Log In.”


After our spring break, which is March 23 - 31, activity in this building really picks up pace as we get towards the end of the year! Please make sure to check in with your child’s teacher (again, DOJO is a great way to do this) to keep up to date on spring field trips and fun events!


Hopefully, we can make it through our winter without too many snow days or delays! As always,  I am open to your comments, concerns or questions. Reach out to me on Class DOJO, or send me an email at, Thanks for all your support for our Comets!!


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