Compiled of grades 9 - 12, Elgin High School band is taught by Mr. Lance Schwartz during the 8th period slot in the high school day.  Mr. Schwartz is the director of all extra-curricular band activities, as well. Marching band performs at varsity football games.  Pep band performs at many home basketball games.  The concert band plays two concerts each school year: a Christmas concert and a spring concert. The band also performs for band night, an event during one of the football games.  Near the end of the school year the band always performs at a contest, typically The Trills and Thrills competition. With this competition the band plays a select few numbers and is given a grade, after which the band goes to a theme park, typically Cedar Point. The band usually takes one band trip a year.  In the past, that migh include going to Disney World.

If interested in band all you must do is sign up for it during class scheduling. If you have any questions, contact Mr. Lance Schwartz.  His school e-mail is His office number is 740-223-4300, extension 3190.

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