Class Syllabus

Welcome to 6th Grade Social Studies Mrs. Hilgenberg

Contact Information

Mrs. Hilgenberg Elgin Middle School 1150 Keener Rd. Marion, Ohio 43302

Phone (740) 223 – 4300

Email -
My website can be found by going to the Elgin Local Schools webpage at Click on the schools tab at the top and then click on Elgin Middle School. Click on teacher websites in left margin.


Supplies Needed:

Students should come to class prepared each day with the following things:


* Student Planner
* Blue Social Studies folder * Paper
* 2 Sharpened pencils
* Blue or black pen
* Highlighter (any color)


Classroom Rules

* Come to class with a positive attitude and all needed supplies * Upon entering, sit quietly in assigned seat
* Raise your hand and wait to be called on before talking
* Clean up the area around you and push in chair before leaving




Students will receive grades throughout the grading period in the form of tests, quizzes, classwork, and homework. Tests will generally be worth 50 points, quizzes worth 25 points, and classwork and homework will be worth 10 points. Students will be informed the exact number of points the assignment is worth prior to beginning the assignment.



Bonus Points – I award students bonus points for bringing a graded test or quiz back to me with a parent signature within 2 days of them receiving it. These are generally worth about 4% towards the grade on the test or quiz. No points will be awarded after 2 days.



Viewing Student Progress

I strongly urge students and parents to periodically view the student’s grades using Power Grade. This can be accessed by logging onto the district webpage at This allows you the opportunity to check student progress throughout the entire grading period. You can view grades received on assignments as well as see if there are any missing assignments. By doing this, we can address issues regarding student performance before it becomes a problem.



Extra Help

I am available to students for extra help before or after school. Students or parents may contact me to make arrangements to meet. One of the best ways to ensure success is to come to class ready to learn and turn in ALL assignments on time.



Classwork / Homework

All classwork or homework will be collected at the end of the class period and is expected to be turned in by the due date. If a student fails to turn in assignments by the due date I will deduct points for each day beyond the due date that it is turned in. The number of points the assignment is worth will determine the amount of time that work will be accepted for credit.



Make - Up Work

A student will be allowed one day to complete make-up work for each day of an excused absence. If make - up work is not completed from an excused absence, a student will receive a zero for the assignment. Make-up work is the responsibility of the student. You may check with me about what you missed, ask a classmate, or check the room or webpage for what you missed.


Grade Scale

97-100=A+ 94-96=A 90-93=A-

87–89=B+ 83-86=B 80-82=B-

77–79=C+ 73-76=C 70-72=C-

67–69=D+ 63-66=D 60-62=D-




Course of Study   


We will be using the Ohio’s New Learning Standards for Social Studies. In 6th grade, students will study the Eastern Hemisphere (Africa, Asia, Australia and Europe), its geographic features, early history, cultural development and economic change. Students learn about the development of river civilizations in Africa and Asia, including their governments, cultures and economic systems. The geographic focus includes the study of contemporary regional characteristics, the movement of people, products and ideas, and cultural diversity. Students develop their understanding of the role of consumers and the interaction of markets, resources and competition.




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