Classroom Policies



Mrs. Price’s Classroom Policies





Anytime your child is absent from school, you are to notify the school by calling between 8:15 AM and 12:00 PM.  You must also send a written excuse from you or your doctor explaining the absence, and this excuse is to be returned to school on the day your child returns.  Please remember to sign and date the excuse.  Written excuses must be turned in within 24 hours of your child’s return to school or the absence will be unexcused.  The following excused absences are accepted as legal, excused absences by the Ohio Revised Code:

 Personal Illness

Illness/Death in the Family


Religious Holidays


All other absences will be considered unexcused unless approved by the office in advance of the absence.  Those absences that may be pre-approved include:  unavoidable medical appointments and illness or death outside the immediate family.



Students shall only take those medications that are necessary to keep the child in school. When this is necessary, the office must have a signed form from the parent/guardian, and the doctor of the student that received the medication in accordance with H.B. 262. The medication must be in the container that was issued from the pharmacy. This includes all over-the-counter medication as well as prescription medication. Also, cough drops, aspirin, ointments, etc. will not be administered unless accompanied with the proper form signed by the parent/guardian and doctor as well.



Elementary school lunch prices are as follows:  Full lunch $2.00 with milk, reduced 40¢, extra milk 40¢.  Free breakfast is available daily for all students.  Please send your child’s weekly or monthly lunch money in a sealed envelope marked with their name and 1A.  Place it in the money/note pouch located in the C.O.M.E.T.S. Folder.  This helps me stay organized and ensures that the cafeteria knows who to give credit for lunch.  If you would like, payments can also be paid online by credit card or electronic check at (a small fee is charged for this service).  You will need your students ID# to sign up.




For your child’s safety, it is school policy that I MUST send your child home his/her normal way, UNLESS I receive a written note or the office receives a phone call from you.  This will prevent any misunderstandings and is in the best interest of your child.  If they are going home an alternate way, please include full names and bus numbers on the note.  Please place notes in the money/note zipper pouch in your child’s C.O.M.E.T.S. Folder.  Thank you for your help in this matter!


More information will come home at a later time regarding homework.  At the beginning of the school year we are getting to know one another and establishing our routines and procedures.



Your child’s birthday is a special occasion!  S/he will be celebrated and recognized in 1A and be our Birthday Leader for the day.  If you wish to send in a treat, please consider nonfood items such as pencils, stickers, or the donation of a book for our class library that we will dedicate to your child.   If handing out party invitations in school, please give one to each member of the class.  Students who have birthdays during the summer months will have a special day dedicated at the end of the year to celebrate.



Throughout the school year, we will have specific classroom celebrations.  We will have celebrations for Fall and Valentine’s Day.  For these occasions, donations for supplies will be divided among those who volunteer as room parents.  When it gets closer to that time, I will send a letter home with supplies that might be needed.   If a parent so desires, a child may be excused from a classroom party.




Beginning in October, we will welcome our Mystery Readers each Thursday.  This is when someone other than Mrs. Price gets to read to our class!  Please contact me by emailing, calling, or stopping by the classroom to sign up!




C.O.M.E.T.S. Folders

Each night your child will bring home his/her C.O.M.E.T.S. Folders..  Please check it each night and have your child bring it back the following school day.  This folder will be our home/school connection.  Please see the separate information for this important folder. 





Please contact me if you have concerns, questions, or just wish to talk about your child!  You may email me at or call me at school at 740-223-4301 either before 9 AM or after 3:45 PM.  If you need to reach me in the middle of the day, my planning time is from 1:30 - 2:10.  You may also call me at home at 943-2847.  I will return emails and messages as soon as I can. 


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