1C's Behavior Plan



Dear Families,

It is my goal to ensure that all students in 1C feel safe, belong to a positive community of learners, and experience extraordinary academic and social growth.  I believe it is never too early to learn the importance of making responsible choices. Good behavior and learning go hand in hand. My plan clearly  outlines our classroom rules as well as positive rewards for good behavior and consequences for poor  behavior choices. Students and I will spend the first few weeks discussing our 7 Habits, expectations, behaviors, and rules.  These simple class rules have been established to ensure your child has a productive and safe learning environment.

                                        1C’S COMMUNITY CLASSROOM RULES:

1. Listen when someone is talking.   

   2. Follow directions the first time they are given.

   3. Treat everyone with kindness and respect.

   4. Take care of our school and classroom.

   5. Work and play safely and quietly.

   6. It’s ok to make mistakes.


This year our classroom will be using ClassDoJo to communicate and keep track of behavior choices.  This is what the ClassDoJo looks like:

Welcome to ClassDoJo!

Class Dojo is a web-based behavior management tool that encourages positive and discourages negative behavior that we will be using in our classroom!

How We Will Use ClassDoJo in Our Classroom!

Students will earn and be awarded positive points each day for displaying positive leadership skills and behaviors. We will use the 7 Habits to help students understand and be responsible for their actions.  Students will earn and be awarded positive points (green points) for being proactive, beginning with the end in mind, putting first things first, thinking win-win, seeking first to understand and then be understood, synergizing, and sharpening the saw! They also can lose points for behavior, for not being proactive, not beginning with the end in mind, not putting first things first, not thinking win-win, not seeking first to understand and then be understood, not synergizing, and not sharpening the saw!

At the end of the week we will check the percentage of positive points that we've achieved as a class and as individuals to see how our leadership is shining!

At the beginning of the year all students will start out as the same Class DoJo avatar. (Please do not change your child’s avatar at home, this will be based on their rewards. J)  Once students reach a certain amount of points students will have the opportunity to 'Level Up' by getting a new avatar! Students will be recognized as a class for this accomplishment. Students will then retire their old avatar by displaying this on their brag tag! The students goal will be to retire as many Class DoJo avatars as they can!

Each day students have the opportunity to earn as many points as possible! At the end of each day we will track students number of DoJo points on their DoJo tracker. At the end of the week, on Friday…… it is PAYDAY! Students will earn DoJo Dollars for each point earned! DoJo dollars can then be spent at the DoJo store! The DoJo store consists of several amazing and fun rewards!

In 1C, I will also appoint a Dojo Leader each week. Every student in the class will have a turn, so this isn't based on their points or percentages. This student is my helper and gets to use our class iPhone to help me take attendance and award points to the class. The kids take this job very seriously; they love being involved and trying to 'catch' other students doing positive things so they can award points.

I find that ClassDojo has really helped to create a positive and encouraging classroom culture, and the kids enjoy the chance to receive positive feedback. Having the app projected onto the board periodically throughout the day and up on our classroom chrome book also encourages students to strive to do well and discourages less desirable behavior. It also introduces an element of competition as students can see who’s beating them in points and how many more points they need in order to move up to the next milestone.

My Favorite Aspects Of ClassDoJo!

One of the really great things about this system is that it allows parents to also be involved and reinforce positive behavior at home through accessing their child’s report. It allows them to view the types of points being awarded to their child each day, see their overall report for the week, and it is completely private. I'm able to add comments each day in relation to points and the general behavior of individual students.

A fun new feature, Class Story takes parent communication to the next level! It's similar to a social media "wall" but completely safe and private. I can post updates, photos, and more to keep parents in the loop, and parents can view, "like," and comment on them. Only parents and teachers connected to the class can view Class Story.

Students can also access their account to see their points, which really helps them stay engage and boosts their motivation to do well. I send home a letter outlining my use of ClassDojo, as well as access codes, at the beginning of the year. Students or other parents cannot see messages or comments communicated between parents and teachers from their account.

Finally, one of my favorite features of Class DoJo is the ability to send messages and photos to parents through the app. I really encourage as many parents as possible to sign up and utilize DoJo, particularly the messaging feature, as I often use it to send out general class information, reminders, and homework and assessment information.

The kids love it! I love it! You will love it!

I believe this behavior plan is a positive way to build a safe, productive, and supportive environment where responsible and respectful learners strive to be a part of a caring community of learners.  Everyone makes mistakes and that’s okay.  It is what we learn from our mistakes and that we move forward that makes the difference.  After you and your child have discussed our ClassDojo system together, please sign the attached form and have your child sign, too.  If you should have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Together we can make a difference,

Mrs. Rinker
















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