1A's Behavior Plan







~ Dr. Seuss~


Dear Families,

It is my goal to ensure that all students in 1A feel safe, belong to a positive community of learners,

and experience extraordinary academic and social growth.  I believe it is never too early to learn the importanceof making responsible choices.  Good behavior and learning go hand in hand. My plan clearly

outlines our classroom rules as well as positive rewards for good behavior and consequences for poor

behavior choices.  Students and I will spend the first few weeks discussing our 7 Habits, expectations, behaviors,

and rules.  These simple class rules have been established to ensure your child has a productive and safe

learning environment. 




1.   Follow directions quickly.

2.   Raise your hand to speak.

3.   Listen carefully--eyes, hands, ears, and heart.

   4.   Make smart choices...even when no one is watching.
   5.   Be kind.


Along with ClassDoJo, our classroom will be using the Choices Clip Chart to keep track of daily behavior choices. Each day, students start out in the middle on green—Leading the Way!  (Please keep in mind that students may not move every single day!  To move up, children must go above and beyond good behavior choices.)  Students move up the chart for making good behavior choices or move down for making poor behavior choices.  The wonderful part about this system is that students making poor choices have opportunity to IMPROVE their behavior throughout the day.  Students with exceptional behavior can even go to the top of the chart (Out of This World!) or off the chart and onto Mrs. Price’s shirt! 

Positive Individual Rewards with the Choice Chart

~endless smiles

~countless praise

~a sense of pride for making wise choices

~make it to “In the Stars” and add a jewel to your clip

~5 jewels on a clip retires the clip to the “Ribbon of Fame” and a new colored clip is given

~top of the chart and 'Out of this World' earns a pencil

~extra DoJo points to help class reach a goal


Whole Class Rewards with DoJo

1A will use ClassDojo for whole class rewards.  We will use the 7 Habits to help students understand and be responsible for their actions.  The class will synergize to earn points for excellent behavior or work habits inside and outside of the classroom.  This may include receiving a compliment from another teacher or staff member, excellent reports from Special Classes, polite behavior when a visitor comes into the room, terrific job on a fire drill, using learning time wisely, etc.  Once the class reaches a goal, students earn the reward!  Rewards may include:

~change avatars

~game time

~bring a Fluffy Friend to school

~Stinky Feet day

~lunch with the teacher

~extra recess

~choose your seat day

~fun art project


I believe this discipline plan is a positive way to build a safe, productive, and supportive environment where responsible and respectful learners strive to be a part of a caring community of learners.  Everyone makes mistakes and that’s okay.  It is what we learn from our mistakes and that we move forward that makes the difference. If you should have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Together we can make a difference,

Mrs. Price















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