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Your child will carry the C.O.M.E.T.S. folder to and from school every day.  Not only will the C.O.M.E.T.S. folder help your child stay organized, it will serve as a communication tool between home and school.  It is your child’s responsibility to take care of this folder so that it will last the entire year.  It is also your child’s responsibility to show your family the folder everyday! Here is what can be found ins






Important papers that need your immediate attention and signature can be found here.  Please read and sign the paper(s) and return them to school the next day.  Thank you very much!




Papers from school that need to be sent home can be found here.  This is where your child will place papers from the office, mail, PTO information, lunch menu, etc.  Please be sure to look in this section daily.  You may keep these papers at home.  This section should be emptied each night.




This is where you will place all money and notes from home (book orders, permission slips, lunch money, change in dismissal). Please put money in a sealed envelope with your child’s name and purpose for money.


  • Page Protect #1: 1C Newsletter
  • Page Protect #1 Backside: 1C Monthly Ca1endar
  • Page Protector #2: Read 20 Reading Log
  • Page Protect #3: Rainbow Words List 1st 200 Hundred Words
  • Page Protect #3 Backside: Fry Word List Up to 4oo Hundred
  • Page Protector #4: To Come… Facts for 15! Math Fluency!
  • Page Protector #4 Backside: 100 Chart


#1: Here you will find a weekly 1C Newsletter with weekly news about what is happening in our classroom! The newsletter will also share upcoming events, reminders, and our learning focus for the week! Right behind this you will find our 1C Monthly Calendar, which will give a monthly snapshot of the events, field trips, breaks, parent teacher conferences, iReady testing dates, and so much more!

#2: EES is a participant in the Read 20 program. With this program, your child is expected to read 20 minutes each night. This can be independent reading or reading with a friend or family member. Students can, and are encouraged to read any material they are interested in! The Read 20 log will be kept in your child’s folder. Please sign or initial that your child has read 80 minutes a week. I will keep these for documentation for the Elementary Quarterly Read 20 awards.

#3: Next you will find our Rainbow Words, which are our sight words! Students will progress through the colors of the rainbow and will have a sight word goal for the year to read the 200 Fry words or more. On the back of the rainbow word list you will find a Fry Word List that has up to 400 hundred words for those who like/need a challenge!

#4: Facts for 15 will be coming soon from Mrs. Copeland! Students are encouraged to build their Math fact fluency by practicing at home. This can be done via games, flashcards, or Xtramath website. (I will send more information home soon!)



  • Take care of your COMETS Folder; it will be used ALL year.
  • CLEAN out the “Keep at Home!” section every evening.
  • Take your COMETS Folder home each day and return it to school the next morning.
  • Show your COMETS Folder to your family each night—they will be proud of your new responsibility.


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