PE Parent letter

Dear Parents,

Welcome back to an exciting school year at Elgin Local Schools.  I will be your child's Physical Education teacher. I am looking forward to teaching your Elgin student.  Your Elementary School child will come to the gym every 4th day of school and your Middle School student will come to the gym every day.  So, please make sure your child is always prepared to participate in physical activities.


I would like to share with you my expectations for your child to participate in my class:

  • All students are expected to participate, unless I have a written note from home.  A doctor’s excuse is needed if it is necessary to miss more than two days of class.
  • Tennis shoes must be worn to participate.  They are required to be tight fitting and tied.  Absolutely no sandals, flip-flops, or Crocks are permitted for your child’s safety.  Your child can keep a pair of “gym shoes” in his/her classroom or locker.
  • Appropriate clothing should be worn.  All clothing must comply with the dress code.  Skirts/dresses may be worn with shorts or leggings underneath. 
  • No excessive jewelry, long belts, scarves, or fake fingernails should be worn during phys. ed. class.


1.  We come PREPARED for class.
2.  We LISTEN and pay close ATTENTION.

4.  We ENCOURAGE and RESPECT others.
5.  We take care of OUR equipment.


1st time – Warning (strike 1)

2nd time – Take a point away from Dojo & a time out from class to think about how to correct behavior. (strike 2)
3rd time – Child is done with phys. ed. for the day.  Let teacher, principal, or parents know about the problem.  (strike 3, you’re out)


Due to the nature of the activities that we will be participating in, it is very important that the students listen and follow my instructions.  My main concern is safety when putting these rules and expectations in place.  I am looking forward to working with you and your child.  I am hoping to develop his/her lifelong love for fitness!  If necessary, please contact me at school or through an e-mail to discuss any issues that I should be aware of concerning your child.


Mrs. Tracy Hix
Physical Education Teacher

Contact Information

Elgin Local Schools
1239 Keener Road South  
Marion, OH 43302

Phone:  740.382.1101  
Fax: 740.382.1672