Mrs. Copeland

About The Teacher

NAME: Mrs. Cathy Copeland

SCHOOL: Elgin West Elementary


SCHOOL PHONE: 740-499-3277

About The Teacher

      I am Mrs. Copeland.  I am currently a fourth grade teacher at Elgin 
West  Elementary.  For the past 35 years I have taught at Elgin West.  At 
first I taught the fifth grade for eleven years.  I then went to the sixth 
grade for two years.  Since then I have been a fourth grade teacher.  I 
received my bachelor's degree from The Ohio State University and my master's 
degree from  The College of Mount Saint Joseph.

Mission For The Class

     My mission is to treat every student as an individual with special 
qualities.  I will lead students to believe in themselves by creating an 
active, safe, caring, respectful, and enjoyable learning environment 
where students can develop and reach their full potential as life-long 
Cathy Copeland
Elgin West Elementary
Fourth Grade Teacher

Contact Information

Elgin Local Schools
1239 Keener Road South  
Marion, OH 43302

Phone:  740.382.1101  
Fax: 740.382.1672