Laundry assignment



Laundry Assignment – Each student must sort, wash, dry, and put away at least one load of laundry and complete this paper. This assignment will count as a test grade and is due ___________________________.


1. Sort the clothes -  Explain how you did this and exactly what items are in the load you will wash.



2, Prepare clothes to put in the washer

What did you remove from the pockets?  Any repairs needed?  Other?


Explain how you removed any stains.


3. How did you set controls on the washer?


What water temperature did you use for washing and rinsing?


What cycle did you use?


What water level did you use?


4. Read the box, bottle, or package of detergent.  What brand of detergent did you use?


   How much did you add to the washer?


5. How did you set the controls on the dryer?       What cycle did you use?


What temperature did you use?


What type of fabric softener did you use? Or dryer sheets? Or dryer balls?


6. What did you do when the clothes were dry?



Did you fold them or hang them on hangers?



7. If anything needed ironed, what did you iron?


8. Student comments about this laundry assignment.




9. Parent comments about this laundry assignment.




This laundry assignment was completed on _____________________________________


Student’s signature________________________________________________________


Parent’s signature_________________________________________________________

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