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Left-over Chicken Parmesan

1/2 can (approximately 12 ounces) pasta sauce

1/2 pound spagetti

1/2 cup mozarella cheese

leftover chicken nuggets, fried or baked chicken




1. Using large pan, fill 1/2 full of water and place on heat source to boil.  When water is at full boil, add pasta.  Stir frequently to keep pasta from sticking together.  Boil approximately 7-10 minutes or until pasta is at desired doneness


2. If using chicken with bones, remove chicken from bones.  Tear or cut chicken into bite size pieces.

3.  Place pasta sauce in large skillet. 

4. Add 1/4 cup water to sauce and stir till water and sauce are mixed. 

5. Add chicken to pasta sauce and stir. 

6.  Heat sauce on medium-high stirring very frequently to keep sauce from sticking.  Sauce will thicken up as water evaporates and is absorbed into the chicken. (heat 5-10 minutes)

7. Place pasta on plate. 

8. Put sauce on top of pasta

9.  Sprinkle cheese on top of sauce.



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