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3 Way Pasta


1/2 pound pasta

1 c Cheddar cheese

bowl of chil ( from refrigerator with your group number on it)

Chii powder if desired

4 cups water

1 TB oil

onion optional


1.  Put 4 cups water and 1oil  in large pan and bring to boil over high heat.

2.  While water is boiling, put chili in medium pan and heat at medium stirring occassionally

3.  When water is boiling, put pasta in water and stir.   Return to boil and let cook for 8- 10 minutes stirring occassionally.  Check to see if pasta is done.

4.  Drain pasta.  Put pasta onto plate.

5.  Put chili on pasta

6. Put cheese on top chili

7. If desired, put diced onion on top of cheese

8. Sprinkle chili powder on to if wanted 

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