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Pizza Casserole

Set oven to 435


1 cup Pizza sauce if square pan  1 1/2 c if 9 by 12 pan

20-30 pepperoni

2 1/2 cups cheese

6-10 biscuts


1.  Preheat oven to 435

2.  Put a generous  layer of pizza sauce on bottom of pan.

3.  Layer  pepperoni side by side on top of the sauce

4.  Put a thick enough layer of cheese on pepperoni that you don't see the sauce.

5. Smash 1 biscut at a time and place it on top of cheese until you have a layer of biscuts.  Tear one in half if you need to in order to cover the cheese.  

6.  Put a layer of sauce on biscuts making sure all of biscuts are covered

7.  Put another layer of cheese that covers the sauce

8.  Put another layer of pepperoni on cheese.

9.  Bake approximately 15 minutes.


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