Choose My Plate

1. What are 6 vegetables you eat on a regular basis?__________________________________________

2. If we could make something in class using vegetables, what would it be & why?_________________________

3. How many servings of vegetables do you need each day?________________________________________

4. What are 6 fruits you eat on a regular basis?___________________________________________________

5. If we could make something in class using fruit, what would it be & why?____________________________

6. How many servings of fruit do you need to eat each day?________________________________________

7. What are 6 in the grains catagory that you eat on a regular basis?__________________________________

8. If we could make someting from the grains catagory in class what would it be & why?___________________

9. What main nutrient do we get from eating foods from the grains?___________________________________

10. How many servings of grains do you need to eat each day?______________________________________

11. What are 6 from the meat and beans that you eat on a regular basis?_________________________________

12. If we could make something from the meat & beans in class, what would it be & why?____________________

13. How many ounces from the meat & beans do we need each day?___________________________________

14. What are 6 dairy products that you eat on a regular basis?________________________________________

15. How many servings of dairy do you need each day?________________________________________________

16. If we could make something with dairy products, what would it be & why?__________________________________

17. If you are lactose intolerant, what can you drink instead?______________________________________________

18. Did you learn anything by reading through the My Plate lesson? If so, what was is you learned?______________

19. Will this lesson change your eating habits? If you change, what will you change?__________________________

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