Class Schedule

Miss Gehres’ 1D Schedule


9:00-9:20 Breakfast, Morning News and Pledges


9:20-9:30 Calendar Time


9:30-9:50 Math Mini- Lesson       


9:50-10:40 Math Workshop and Stations


10:40-10:55 Writing Mini lesson


10:55-11:55 Writing Workshop with integrated Science and Social Studies


11:30-11:50         RECESS

11:55-12:25        LUNCH

12:25-1:05         SPECIAL

A Day- Physical Education     B Day- Computer                   C Day- Music                      D Day- Art


1:05-1:25 Reading Mini-Lesson with Comprehension Focus


1:25-2:40 Reading Workshop with Guided Reading and Stations


2:40-3:00 Phonics Dance and Sight Words


3:00- 3:15 Language Skill and Interactive Notebooks


3:15-3:25  Read Aloud


3:25-3:35  Dismissal

Contact Information

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