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French toast


3 eggs

1/2 cup milk

5 pieces of bread


1.  Put eggs into a medium to large mixing bowl.

2.  Add milk to bowl.

3.  Wisk both ingredients until the egg and milk are well mixed.

4.  Heat electric skillet or griddle to 350.  If using a skillet, heat on medium.

5.  Pour a small amount of oil onto surface or spray pan with a lite covering of oil.

6. Once cooking surface is heated, place 1 piece of bread in batter.  Ensure that it is thoroughly covered with mixture on one side but do not allow bread to sit in batter. Flip bread and coat other side with batter. Then remove bread from bowl and place onto cooking surface.

7. Repeat number 6 with each piece of bread as you are ready to place it on cooking surface.

8.  Do not flip bread while it is cooking, but lift side to check bottom for doneness.

9. Serve while hot.

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