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Course Content - Manners, table setting, basic measuring methods, how to read a nutrition label, safety in the kitchen, basic equipment, the recipe, cooking terms, safety rules for sewing, sewing equipment, how to sew on a button & make a pinushion. I will have students work in groups and make some food items they will enjoy cooking and eating while following  rules for safety in the kitchen. We will use some sharp knives & this is closely supervised.

Classroom Rules - Make good decisions, be on time to class & dependable, be respectful to yourself and others, follow all safety rules when working in the kitchen or sewing areas, bring needed materials to class (paper, sharpened pencils, folder, & assignments).

Make-up work - If you are absent, you will have two days to make up any missing work, including tests or quizzes. For example, if you are absent Tuesday, and return Wednesday, your make-up work will be due Friday. There is an orange folder labeled: "If you were absent....look in here!" In it you will find any handouts that were passes out and you will see me for making up any test or quiz that were missed (they need to be taken as soon as possible). Also my website will have homework and classwork assignments.

Homework - Homework is due at the beginning of class. Please be sure you bring your homework to school and have it ready to turn in - no excuses!! I will not assign too much homework, but when it is necessary, I expect students to complete the assignment.

Extra Help - If you need extra on any assignment, please ask me for help. I am very approachable and will help you, but you must ask! I want you to be successful in Life Skills and I hope you will enjoy this class.

Steps for being successful - Be in class and on time, be engaged and productive while in attendance, complete assignments on time and with your best effort, & learn study skills and apply them when preparing for assessments.

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