Quaver's Marvelous World of Music

We also have a new curriculum entitled “Quaver’s Beyond Marvelous World of Music”.  This is an online interactive program with new and engaging ways to bring music to life for our students.  Just ask your child about the crazy adventures of Quaver as they learn music concepts in a fun way.

Also included with this program is that our students have access to this program at home.  If they go to www.quavermusic.com your child will be able to share this exciting program with you.  Their username is their logon name for their chromebook (ex. 25hoffmalis     ---this is their grad year, 6 letters of last name and 3 letters of first name) and password is their lunch number and 3 letter word.  If you need help logging on please contact me and I will be happy to help get your child on the program at home. 

We do not have Blizzard Bags for music this year so.......... why not get on Quaver and have some fun while the weather outside is nasty. What a great way to contiue learning!

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