KC’s Classroom Rules


These rules are used in the classroom daily (whether they are sitting on the carpet, during centers or when they working independently at their seats!



KC’s Mission Statement:

KC will LEAD THE WAY in everything we do!




                           Our Classroom uses the Leading the Way Clip Chart to keep track of behavior. This is what the Clip Chart looks like:



Students move up the chart for making good behavior choices or move down for making poor behavior choices. The great part about this system is that students making poor choices have the opportunity to IMPROVE their behavior throughout the day. Students with exceptional behavior can even go to the top of the chart (the white hanger – Out of this World). The clip chart is divided into 7 levels. Each day, students start out in the middle on green – Leading the Way! (Please keep in mind that students may not move every single day!) To move up, students must go above and beyond good behavior choices.) This is what each level means…..

KC Leading the Way Behavior Clip Chart




Out of this World

Students who clip to the top of the chart (white hanger) have demonstrated outstanding behavior and leadership that reflects the 7 Habits. Students who reach “out of this world” will get to put a sticker on their behavior calendar and chance to become leader of the Month!


In the Stars


Students who reach the COMET level will be rewarded for their positive choices by adding a jewel to their clip. (5 jewels=retire clip to Ribbon of Fame and get a new clip!)


Students who continue to make positive choices move up to the red level. They are making EXCELLENT choices in school today!

Leading the Way!

Everyone starts the day on green and “Leading the Way!” Students can ‘clip up’ or ‘clip down’ throughout the day depending on their behavior choices.

Get Back on Track

Students will be asked to reflect on their choices, behavior and how it affected others. This is a reminder to follow classroom rules.


In Orbit

Students who continue to make poor choices move to yellow. Depending on the behavior, I will determine the consequence the student will have. This is important because not all students respond to the same consequence. Some examples of consequences include, but are not limited to” walking the orbit path at recess, loss of privileges, writing/drawing an apology, meeting with the guidance counselor, note or phone call home.


Needs Improvement

If the student continues to make poor choices, or in rare occasions, severe behavior warrants a ‘clip down’ to this level, the consequences will be parent contact from Mrs. Dyer, our principal, or Mrs. Sterling, our assistant principal. They will determine the consequence based on the student’s behavior and actions.




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