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*The best way to reach me is via text/email.  I have easier access to it periodically throughout the day.




The 7th grade team utilizes Canvas Learning Management System to organize lessons, deliver content and take assessments.  At the top if this page you will find a link to Canvas where you can access the weekly agenda which includes homework assignments, important vocabulary, useful links, DE TECHbook access, etc.


Extra Help:

Students will have an on-going opportunity to check their grades.  I feel it is the responsibility of the student to be proactive in regards to low grades. If (s)/he notices lower than expected grades I would encourage her/him to redo/correct any eligible assignments BEFORE taking the final test.  If additional tutoring services are needed above and beyond that the student and I will set up a time to meet.  NO EXTRA CREDIT ASSIGNMENTS WILL BE PERMITTED!


Make-up Work: 

It is the student’s responsibility to find out what (s)/he missed while absent.  Students should check the agenda to find out what they missed.  Any handouts will be placed in a folder for the student to pick up.  I also have a “Wanted” poster on my wall where I write students’ names that need to come see me.  Students are given equal to the number of days absent to make up any missing work.


Grading Policy:

I grade using a weighted grading scale.  This means some assignments count for more of the final grade than others.  Here is a breakdown of the categories:

Final Assessments = 40% of the final grade

*P.O.A.L.’s = 60% of the final grade

*P.O.A.L. stands for Proof Of Active Learning.  These assignments can be labs, participation grades, homework, classwork, notes, etc.

*Please Note:  *All Final Assessment grades may not be eligible for retakes.

**ALL P.O.A.L. assignments may be corrected and/or re-done!!!!  If your son or daughter chooses to redo an assignment, he or she may do so within a reasonable amount of time.  I think 2 days from the day the student receives notification of his or her grade is reasonable (unless otherwise agreed upon ahead of time).  If it is after that time period, I will not accept it. 


Why do I offer retakes/redos?????? 

My ultimate goal is for your son or daughter to comprehend and be able to apply the scientific content standards set forth by the state of Ohio to real life.  We all know it takes each of us different amounts of time to internalize information.  Some of us need more practice than others to fully understand some things, and that’s okay.  The only thing that matters is that the information is learned in the end…truly learned.

**Please note:  This is an OPTION.  I will not chase students down to make sure they are doing this.  I urge my students and parents to check grades on PowerGrade on a weekly basis to stay up-to-date on corrections.



I do not assign a lot of out of class work.  However, studying for tests and/or quizzes and completing corrections is the responsibility of the student to do outside of class.


Main Resource:

Discovery Education Techbook


As a district we have moved to a digital/online "textbook" in Science.  As the state assessments in science change so must the way we access the content.  If our students continue to rely strictly on print resources they will not be adequately prepared to take these new assessments.  The Discovery Education Techbook offers content to students through a variety of methods: print, interactive simulations, virtual labs, auditory clips, video and more importantly hands-on explorations.  Offering students access to science content in a variety of methods allows them to learn in the way they learn best while strengthening the modes that are more difficult.  Students will also have access to the DE Techbook on any device that connects to the internet whether it’s a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or smart phone!   If you do not have access to the internet, students can download DE TECHBook content while they are at school and view it from home later.


Ohio Academic Content / Topics to be Learned This Year:

Science Inquiry and Application Standards


Earth and Space Science (ESS)

  • ESS.1 - This topic focuses on Earth’s hydrologic cycle, patterns that exist in atmospheric and oceanic currents, the relationship between thermal energy and the currents, and the relative position and movement of the Earth, sun and moon.
    • ESS.1.1 - The hydrologic cycle illustrates the changing states of water as it moves through the lithosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere.
    • ESS.1.2 - Thermal-energy transfers in the ocean and the atmosphere contribute to the formation of currents, which influence global climate patterns.
    • ESS.1.3 - The atmosphere has different properties at different elevations and contains a mixture of gases that cycle through the lithosphere, biosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere.
    • ESS.1.4 - The relative patterns of motion and positions of the Earth, moon and sun cause solar and lunar eclipses, tides and phases of the moon.


Physical Science (PS)

  • PS.1 - This topic focuses on the empirical evidence for the arrangements of atoms on the Periodic Table of Elements, conservation of mass and energy, transformation and transfer of energy.
    • PS.1.1 - The properties of matter are determined by the arrangement of atoms.
    • PS.1.2 - Energy can be transformed from one form to another or can be transferred from one location to another, but is never lost.
    • PS.1.3 - Energy can be transferred through a variety of ways.


Life Science (LS)

  • LS.1 - This topic focuses on the impact of matter and energy transfer within the biotic component of ecosystems.



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