Spelling and Vocabulary Lists

Spelling and Vocabulary

Differentiated Spelling Lists

Each week we will take a pretest to determine which set of words (A or B) you child will be assigned.  I will then add the spelling word list to their spelling ring.  There are ten words on list A and B, there are five words on the "both" list.  All students are then responsible for 15 words a week.  They should keep their spelling word ring in their homework folders at all times.  On a review week, they will need to look back at all the words we have previously had.

List #1  Silent e 

List #2  Vowel teams (ay, ai, oa, ea)

List  #3  Vowel Digraphs (ou, ow, au, aw)

List # 4  Soft C and Soft G

List # 5 Homophones

List # 6  2-syllable words (open)

List # 7  2-syllable words (closed)

List #8   words with k  and ck

List # 9  words with ch or tch

List # 10  words that end with -ge and -dge

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