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Summer reading assignment:

2018 Honors English 9 Summer Reading Assignment - Mrs. Amy Price

Your summer reading assignment is as follows (two books):


  1. A Separate Peace by John Knowles



2.  a book of your choice preferably with a Lexile level between 1050L – 1260L. Lexile levels relate to text complexity and expectations of the Common Core standards. This information can be accessed online or can be obtained at a library or bookstore. Do your best to find a book within this range, but this is where a good librarian or knowledgeable bookstore employee can come in handy.  Ask their opinion of subject difficulty and maturity level.  You may access information about books by visiting Amazon.com or goodreads.com The following web sites could be helpful in finding the Lexile level of your book. https://www.lexile.com/about-lexile/grade-equivalent/grade-equivalent-chart/ and



***You do not need to contact me about the book you choose unless the answer or tools to find out are not on this assignment sheet.

The main thing is that the book is one that you have not already read and is one that you will enjoy!  The book should also be a minimum of 150 pages.


For each book that you read this summer, you will be turning in a completed Reader’s Response Log that includes the following information for EACH TIME YOU READ the book:

Reader’s Response Log (will be completed for each book each time you sit down to read)


Pages read on this date:

Characters mentioned in the reading for this date:

Setting details (if different than previous log entries):

Plot details / important events or incidents:

(plot details often relate to conflicts faced by characters)

***Fill out the above information each time you read your book; at the end of the book, staple each day’s response together and hand in entire set of Reader’s Response entries.

***Your Reader’s Response Log will be collected for a grade during the first week of school.


It could be collected as early as the second day of school, so keep up with it throughout the reading of each of the two books. If you have questions about the books or assignments that are not answered on this sheet or are not accessible online at the sites I suggested, please email me at school at the following address:  price_a@elginschools.org   Check that you have the correct email address before sending:)


Enjoy your reading!

Mrs. Price

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