Spanish 1 (H.S./M.S.)  

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Throughout the year, we will be learning beginning communication skills in Spanish through a variety of speaking, reading, writing, and listening activities! Our main objective throughout this year will be to communicate with each other over a variety of topics. 



The themes we will cover during the year include:
1. Introducciones y datos personales (Introductions and Personal Information)
2. La vida escolar  (School/Daily Life)
3. El Día de los Muertos  (Day of the Dead)
4. La familia  (Family)
5. La casa  (My Home)
6. La comida/La nutrición  (Food/Nutrition)
7. Ir de compras/La ropa  (Shopping and Clothing)
8. Cinco de Mayo/Música  (May 5th and Music)
9. Viajar/Las vacaciones (Travel and Vacation)

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