Animal & Plant Science  

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Students will apply knowledge of animal and plant science to the agriculture industry. They will be introduced to the value of production animals relative to the agricultural marketplace. Students will engage in animal classification and selection, body systems, along with animal welfare and behavior in relation to the production of animals. Students will learn principles of plant anatomy and physiology, and the role of nutrition, deficiencies and growing environment on plant production. Throughout the course, business principles and professional skills will be examined.

  • Digestive Systems


    Mono with functioning cecum or psedu ruminant




    Avian- Jacob Amy Evan Kassie Caitlynn

    Monogastric- Cody Nole Logan Lauren

    Ruminant- Nina Zoe 

    Pseudo- Ruminant- Colton Becky Kyle Brooke


    Zac Jordan Autumn Chloe Kiralyn

    Thomas Cade Bri

    Meridith Bryan Caleb

    Syler Oscar

  • Livestock Nutrients

    6 classes of Nutrients

    1. Water

    2. Carbohydrates

    3. Fats

    4. Proteins

    5. Minerals

    6. Vitamins

    Focus today-

    Major minerals -- Ca, P, Na, Cl, Mg, K, S

    Minor (Trace minerals) -- Co, Cu, F, I, Fe, Mn, Mo, Se, Zn


    Use to create a poster with the following information:

    Mineral you chose- is it considered major or minor?

    Must include-

    Element Symbol

    Atomic number

    Element Name

    How does the mineral function in livestock?

    If there are any mineral/mineral or vitamin/mineral interactions…

    What occurs if there is a deficiency?

    What occurs if there is excess?

    Be ready to present tomorrow!

  • Topic Selection


    November 17- Title Page, Outline, and Works Cited due in Google Classroom

    November 23- Manuscript due (should be 5-7 minutes in length)


    November 17- Debate Outline with Works Cited due in Google Classroom

    November 23- Debate Day

    3rd Period- Speech Topics

    Logan- avian influenze



    Kyle- heart disease in cattle

    Amy- technology in ag.

    Zoe- auto piolet in tractors

    Zac- honeybees

    Becky- hybrid seeds

    Nole- junior fair in ohio

    Autumn- vivi- section


    Lauren- antibiotics in dairy cattle

    3rd Period - Debate

    Cody- Against animals in zoos

    Colton- For animal cloning

    Matt- For coyote hunting

    Evan- Against coyote hunting

    Kassie- Against animal cloning

    Nina- For animals in zoos

    8th Period

    Bri- Avian Flu

    Thomas- Big Game Hunting

    Oscar- Availability of ammo in the USA


    Bryan- Coyote Hunting

    8th Period - Debate

    Meridith- Against growth hormones in livestock

    Syler- For growth hormones in livestock

    Cade- For horse slaughter

    Jordan- Against hunting

    Chloe- For hunting

    Kiralynn- Against horse slaughter

  • Daily Agtivity
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