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In case of inclement weather, we ask that our student drivers and parents observe extreme caution when driving.  Student drivers may ride busses if they feel uncomfortable about road conditions.  Students and parents will continue to be notified about delays and cancellations through our automated calling system.  Radio and television will also announce delays and cancellations.  Elgin Local school officials are concerned about the safety of all students and there is much deliberation when making decisions to delay or cancel school.  We ask that everyone cooperate with the school when these decisions are made.

Every student at Elgin in grades K-12 can receive a free breakfast every day.  This program began four years ago and many students are receiving a free breakfast daily.  Again, there is no cost to parents as Elgin Local has received government reimbursements for the free breakfast program and there is no cost to the general fund of Elgin Local Schools.  Students are offered a hot or cold breakfast daily which includes fresh fruit, juice and milk.  It is important to start each day with breakfast and Elgin Local is providing that opportunity for all students.  If you have questions about the free breakfast program, please contact Teresa Vermillion, food service coordinator, at the school.

There are many remaining activities at Elgin Local even as the first half of the school year has been completed.  Athletic contests, music programs, special events, etc. are in abundance for the remainder of the school year.  Please check the Elgin website at for additional information about future activities, calendar information, academics, athletics and contact information.  Students at Elgin love to see their parents, relatives and friends attend the many functions at school.  Please support an Elgin student by attending the various events/functions.  Share in the “PASSION FOR EXCELLENCE” at Elgin.

Thanks to everyone in the Elgin Local School District for the continued support and cooperation. 



Bruce Gast




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