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2015-2016 School Fees
Student School Fees 2015-2016
6th Grade 7th Grade 8th Grade
Math WorkBook  $14.00 Math Workbook  $14.00 Math Workbook $14.00
Science Lab Fee $3.00 Science Lab Fee $3.00 Science Lab Fee $3.00
Handbook $5.00 Handbook $5.00 Handbook $5.00
History Notebook $7.00 Composition Notebook $4.00 Engineering** $5.00

Choir Shirts (choir students only)


Due for New Choir Students

$10.00 Due for New Choir Students $10.00
Technology Due $10.00 Technoogy Due $10.00 Technology Due $10.00
Life Skills $ 7.00 Life Skills $7.00    
  ---------   ---------   ---------- 
Total 6th Grade Fees $46.00 Total 7th Grade Fees $43.00 Total 8th Grade Fees $32.00

Total 6th Grade Fees with Choir


Total 7th Grade Fees for New Choir Students


Total 7th Grade Fees for New Choir Students


8th Grade Fees with Engineering**

 add $5.00


*7th grade calculators:
TI 30XIIS calculators will be provided to use IN CLASS ONLY for each student per period. If your child would like a calculator for personal use, you should purchase a TI 30XIIS. Teachers will be using and discussing how to use the functions on the TI 30XIIS calculators only.

**If an 8th grade student has Engineering Class, please add $5 to their fees.

* A Due is a requirement regardless of Free & Reduced Lunch Status.

Extra Curricular Fees
1st Activity $25.00
2nd Activity $25.00
3 or More Activities
No Additional Charge
There will be a cap of $200 per family
There will NOT be different rates for Free & Reduced lunch







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