** REVISED** Semester Exam Schedule and Information


January 18, and 19, 2018


The following is the Exam Schedule for Thursday, January 18, and Friday, January 19.  You must be here at the beginning of your first exam period and must stay until the completion of your last scheduled exam.  You will only be permitted to leave if you bring a note giving you permission to leave early.   If you do not bring a note you will report to study hall.  Office phones will not be used to make calls to leave early.  Also, any student that falsifies a note will face disciplinary consequences.

Also, when students arrive or leave, you can enter either door.  If you are being dropped off, you should enter the front doors.  If you are drivers, you should enter the back doors.  You must have a note to leave but do not need one to enter unless you have missed an exam earlier in the day. 


Any conflicts must go through the office to be changed.  Please come to the office by Wednesday, January 17 at the end of the day to discuss any conflicts.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  Thanks.


Exam Schedule for Wednesday, January 17. ALL WEDNESDAY EXAMS HAVE BEEN MOVED TO FRIDAY, JANUARY 19


Exam Schedule for Thursday, January 18.


Exam 1  - 7:40-9:08 – American History, Applied Algebra 2

Exam 2  - 9:13-10:41 – Spanish I (Freshman & Juniors), Applied English 12, CP English 12, Honors English 10, Applied English 10, CP English 10

Lunch – 10:42 -11:16

Exam 3 - 11:23- 12:51 –Physics, Spanish 1(Sophomores), Algebra 1, Applied Algebra 1, Honors Geometry

Exam 4 - 12:57 - 2:30 – Physical Science, Honors Physical Science


Exam Schedule for Friday, January 19.


Exam 1  - 7:40-9:08– Government, World Studies

Exam 2  - 9:13-10:41 –Financial Algebra, Applied English 9, CP English 9, Honors English 9

Lunch – 10:42 -11:16

Exam 3 - 11:23- 12:51 –Algebra 2, Applied Algebra 1.5, Biology, CP English 11, App. English 11, Honors English 11

Exam 4 - 12:57 - 2:30 – Geometry, Applied Geometry, Honors Chemistry, CP Chemistry, Chemical Concepts

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