Teen Institute


Teen Institute (TI) is a high school organization that helps teens to stay drug, alcohol, and tobacco free. To join this group, you must be committed to being drug, alcohol, and tobacco free. TI is made up of high school students in Marion and Crawford counties. We have one big TI group, and then a select group of TI students who make up what we call “Youth Board.”


Youth Board members attend meetings the first Wednesday of every month at the ADAMH Board in downtown Marion. Our advisors for Youth Board are Laura Busler and Jodi Galloway. The Youth Board members who attend Elgin are Kevin and Kierstyn. Our school advisor is Mr. Barney Cornell. We have school TI meetings once a month.


We hold many activities throughout the year. The year is started off with County TI camp, which is for high school students in Marion and Crawford County. Then, applications for new and returning Youth Board members are distributed to students who attended camp. If accepted onto Youth Board, you are given the opportunity to attend OTI Camp. Students from all over Ohio attend camp for a week in the summer. During camps, students learn the effects of drugs, alcohol, and tobacco. Other than camps, we plan at least one activity per month.


TI is not just held to teach you about drugs and alcohol. You learn so much more than that. While in TI you meet all sorts of different people. You get to know these people and end up with friends whom will be there for you no matter what. In the end, we’re just one big family.  


If interested in joining TI see Kierstyn or Kevin for more information.

Contact Information

Elgin High School
1150 Keener Rd. South  
Marion, OH 43302

Phone: 740.223.4300  
Fax: 740.223.4310