Student Council

The EHS Student Council is advised by Mrs. Kristi Brown and Miss Ashley Auld.

2016 EHS Student Council Scholarship Application

Application must be printed and turned into guidance office by 2:45pm on Wednesday, May 4th, 2016.

You can make a copy of the application in your Google Drive and complete it there by clicking on File then Make a copy.

President- Chloe Metcalf

VP- Corey McElroy

Treasurer- Jordan Johnson

Secretary- Sarah Wasserbeck

9th Grade - Class of 2019

Kaylee Thacker

Erin Pickett

Case Swartz

Owen Lawrence

10th Grade - Class of 2018

Zac Collins

Harrison Metcalf

Amy Hafer

Sarah Wasserbeck

11th Grade - Class of 2017

Nina Thompson

Kassie Pryor

Ryan Sharp

Cade Field

12th Grade - Class of 2016

Corey McElroy

Jordan Johnson

Chloe Metcalf

MacKenzie Ransome


Rachel Stillions

Kierstyn Graber


Student Council Meeting Attendance

Student Council Minutes

Contact Information

Elgin High School
1150 Keener Rd. South  
Marion, OH 43302

Phone: 740.223.4300  
Fax: 740.223.4310