2018-19 Comet Period


Comet Games will take place every Wednesday

  • We will still be utilizing for the games.

    • A link to that day’s game will be sent out via email each Wednesday at the start of the period.

  • Please project the game onto your screen/board and work together as a Comet Period to answer all of the questions. All chromebooks should be closed.

  • Once you have completed that day’s game, please input the score into the comet period scoring spreadsheet

  • Each Comet Period’s 2 lowest scores will be dropped at the end of the semester to account for staff absences and various club/class meetings.

  • The class with the highest score at the end of each semester will receive an award. We are working with student council to finalize what that will be.

Comet Period Checklist

  • Student success plans are mandated (incorporated over entire year)


  • Exam Exemptions - 1st Semester

    • Must complete Livebinder for 1st 9 weeks & must attend conferences for 2nd 9 weeks

    • One Exam Exemption

      • Livebinder completed (1st 9 weeks)

      • Attended conferences (2nd 9 weeks)

      • All Student Success Plan tasks completed

      • All Comet Period expectations completed

      • Students must not have any formal discipline to receive exemptions. (Detentions or suspension)

      • Exemption can only be used in a class where they have a C or above.

    • Two Exam Exemptions - 1st Semester

      • Meet all the qualifications above for one exam exemption

      • No D's or F’s in any classes


Conferences will be held on November 5th, 7th, and 8th.

Setting SMART Goals

Bullying YouTube Video

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