Elgin Portfolio Template

Elgin High School Electronic Portfolio Guidelines and Template


What is a Portfolio?

The portfolio is a collection of student work reflecting an individual student’s progress, activities and achievement during their time at Elgin High School. Portfolios at Elgin High School are electronic and designed through LiveBinders.com. The site is free and students will have time dedicated during their Comet Pride period to complete their portfolio.


Why Portfolios?

You are being asked to complete a portfolio for many reasons.

Your portfolio will be a record of your work over the course of your school career at Elgin High School. More than test scores and grades, the portfolio is an opportunity for you to compile and share your best work – presenting a more vivid picture of your abilities and growth over time.

The digital portfolio allows you to incorporate a variety of media in a professional manner. They are easy to manage and update and can be readily accessed and shared. These qualities make the digital portfolio an effective self-promotional tool when you are ready to apply for an internship, college entry, or professional career.

Portfolios are also a centerpiece for student- led conferences.


Directions to assist in putting student work into LiveBinder:

Remember you need 2 evidences of work in your LiveBinder for each class

1 your teacher chooses and 1 the students chooses

You have created a tab for each course. You have a sub­tab for each course labeled Student Led Conference. You need to create 2 additional sub­tabs under each class for your 2 pieces of evident. Name them… example…. Biology1, Biology2


Directions to take a picture of student work for LiveBinder

1. Go to Google Drive

2. Create a Drawing

3. Click on insert then select image

4. Select take a snapshot

5. Hold your paper up to the camera and take a snapshot (This might be easier with a partner)

6. Be sure to name your drawing…. example Biology1, Government3

7. In the drawing file, select File­­­>Download as and select JPEG

This is a picture file that can be uploaded into your LiveBinder.

After you have taken the snapshots of your papers and downloaded them as JPEG’s ... Log into your livebinder, Select Edit Binder, Pick the correct sub­tab for the class you are putting work in. Go to add content, under upload a file select choose file, double click on the file you want to upload to that sub­tab. Click on upload. Your JPEG should now be on the correct sub­tab of your LiveBinder.

Directions for using the Google Mail app on a smartphone or tablet

1. Download Google Mail on personal device

2. Enter username and password for CometMail

3. Take a picture of document

4. Email it to your CometMail in the mail app

5. Upload it to your LiveBinder from your ChromeBook


Directions for inserting document or presentation from Google Drive

1. Go to Google Drive to the document you wish to add to your LiveBinder

2. Click on share and then get click on get sharable link

3. Go to LiveBinder sub­tab where you wish to insert document and paste the link into the url box.

4. Click on insert

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