Marion County Fair

July 10, 2017

The Elgin FFA in action at The Marion County Fair

Volunteers were recruited to work in the FFA building during the week of the Marion County Fair. Members worked with three of their peers for about three hours. The agricultural advocacy that is achieved through the outreach at the fair is very important for the industry. Members were on hand in the FFA building to answer any questions that the public may have about FFA and make sure that nobody is disrupting the building. 100% of the Elgin FFA Chapter exhibited at the Marion County Fair. Many made a SAE poster during the last couple weeks of school to hang up in the FFA building. The SAE poster highlights the students Supervised Agricultural Experience. By completing a poster, members were able to receive a free pass into the fair for the week. Once the posters went up in the building, they were judged the next day. Everyone can either receive an A or a B on their poster. Everyone in the Elgin FFA did very well on their posters and had a blast at the Marion County Fair.


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