Greenhand Ceremonies

December 19, 2017


1st year FFA members receive Greenhand FFA Degree

Greenhand Ceremonies are an opportunity to recognize our

students who have attained the greenhand level degree.

This is the first of many accomplishments a student makes as

they progress through the FFA. Five FFA members recited the

FFA Creed; Katelyn Burton, Austin Pasma, Emily Brown, Chloe

Price, and Ashley Watkins. Five members also competed in

the county Greenhand Quiz. Our very own Camden Swartz

won the county Greenhand quiz and Elgin FFA member

Hannah Steurer also placed second. This year the ceremonies

were held at Tri-Rivers Career Center on December 13th with

students from River Valley, Ridgedale, Tri Rivers, and Elgin all

in attendance.

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