Food Science CDE

November 20, 2017


Big Walnut High School hosted the Food Science CDE, on

November 2nd. it is one of many CDE’s that students can

participate in through the FFA. Through this CDE or Career

Development Event, students learned many things including,

proper food storage and handling practices. Like many other

CDE’s there are were 7 stations that students were asked to

have knowledge about before going to the contest. These 7

stations were; Triangle Taste Test, Smell Aroma, Food

Instrument Identification, Food Safety/Sanitation, Customer

Inquiry, Math Practicum (new), and a general knowledge Food

Science Test. From Elgin, 12 students participated, gaining

knowledge about many aspects of Food Science. As you can

tell the Food Science CDE is not the easiest CDE, and Elgin

placed 4th as a team overall.


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