September 20, 2016

FFA attends Ohio Legislative Leadership Conference

            On the 28th of September, five FFA members were selected to attend the Ohio Legislative Leadership Conference at the Ohio Statehouse. The five members selected to attend were selected out of a group of applicants. The select few were Zac Collins, Cade Field, Becky Fuller, Autumn Landon, and Kassie Pryor. This group of five participated in activities that demonstrated the lobbying process. This conference’s main focus was to show FFA members the importance of lobbying, especially agricultural lobbying. FFA members ate with a Representative or Senator from their district. Our FFA members shared a meal with Rep. Pelanda.  FFA members then took OLLC to the Government classes.  Our FFA members taught the Lobbying and Legislative Process to Government classes at Elgin High. This single experience has embodied how FFA can keep giving. The knowledge shared with five people has spread to the whole Elgin Junior and Senior Class.

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